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What is the difference between pergolas and gazebos?

Although very similar, a pergola and a gazebo’s main difference is how the roof functions. While a gazebo provides complete shade from the sun and other elements, a pergola has a slatted roof that allows a reduced percentage of sunlight to shine through. Pergolas are usually used to provide partial shelter in certain areas such as gardens, leisure areas, patios, or decks.

How much does a new pergola or a gazebo cost to install?

The cost of a new gazebo or pergola can vary dramatically based on the size of the feature, the materials used, and the corresponding installation required. If you seek more information or would like a quote on a project idea, contact Red Isle Contracting in Edmonton today!

Does Red Isle build custom projects?

Not only does Red Isle provide outstanding customer service and high-quality craftsmanship, but we work with all our residential and commercial customers to ensure their unique vision and requirements are met. This includes custom builds of any gazebos or pergola structure that you can imagine. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve the yard of your dreams!

Why should I choose Red Isle Contracting for my pergola installation?

At Red Isle Contracting, we care about your project as much as we care about our good name. We are a locally owned and operated company and we’ve been building decks, fences, pergolas, and gazebos in Edmonton and the surrounding region for nearly a decade. Our pergola and gazebos team has superior training and can pass this wealth of knowledge over to the customer and help them build the outdoor spaces that meet their lifestyle and budget. We assign a team to your job and they remain with you until the job is done.

Where is the best spot for a pergola in my yard?

Although a pergola can be installed almost anywhere in your yard, many of our clients choose locations such as over their outdoor BBQ or dining area, next to a pool, over a hot tub, or adjacent to a backyard firepit. However, with the help of Red Isle’s expert pergola installers, the best spot for your new pergolas is up to you!

What is the average height for a Pergola?

The height of a pergola is, of course, dependent on the size of the pergola you’d like constructed. On average, a normal height for a pergola would be in the range of two metres to 3.5 meters depending on the location and installation.

Are pergolas effective at blocking rain?

Although pergolas can offer some natural protection from light rain, generally they are not designed to be rainproof. For a solid rainproof roof, you may prefer a gazebo, also offered by Red Isle’s expert gazebo team.


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