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Edmonton Fences FAQ:

How much will new fence installation services in Edmonton cost?

While the final cost of a new fences purchase and installation services can vary dramatically based on the type of fence you buy and the installation necessary, at Red Isle we pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and our ability to provide our customers with the fence that best fits their outdoor space.

We work with every customer to ensure the job is done satisfactorily and timely. If you wish to know more about our high-quality fencing products, services, and installation or if you require a quote on a new project idea, contact us today.

* Please note that the Trex warranty does not apply to fencing

What is the advantage of using cedar as a material?

Cedar fencing is an instant favourite that many of us are familiar with. This particular type of wood fencing provides a number of quality advantages to commercial and residential establishments such as cedar fences high durability and clean, even aesthetic. Cedar fences are also effective at resisting moisture, rot and insects while providing a fence that is easy to seal or stain.

Why choose Red Isle for a new fence?

When you choose Red Isle for your new fencing project, you are selecting more than a fencing company. You are hiring an experienced team that provides some of the best fences customer service and high-quality workmanship that focuses on creating the outdoor space of your dreams. We use the highest quality materials and instill our standards of quality control into every part of the project, from design and sales to our attention-to-detail-oriented fences installation services.

How do I determine property boundaries?

If you are unsure about your property lines, the best way to identify them is to hire an Alberta Land Surveyor. Before your new Red Isle fence is installed, it is important to check for underground utilities such as gas or electricity to avoid any accidents. If you require any assistance or seek more information regarding property lines and your new fencing, contact the professionals at Red Isle for guidance on how to proceed with new fence installation.

What is the best choice of fencing for Edmonton?

Whether you choose pressure treated cedar, or a metal ornamental fence for your new fencing project, all are high-quality choices and sufficient for Edmonton’s infamously cold winters and dry summers. However, while cedar fences are great fencing solutions, they will provide the weakest protection against the elements when compared to pressure-treated fences that are chemically-treated to withstand decay, weathering, and other wood-fence related troubles. And, of course, metal fencing will provide the best protection against Alberta’s climate. For more information on which type of Edmonton fencing is best for your yard, contact Red Isle for your fencing needs today!

What is the best way to obtain a quote?

If you have a new Edmonton fencing project in mind and would like to receive a quote, contact Red Isle today and our professional fencing experts can assist you in deciding which fence is best for your yard and the corresponding installation. Contact us either by phone, email or through our website. 


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